Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lump of Clay

It's Sunday which means I get to show off something I found whilst browsing on Etsy. Today I'm featuring a lovely red cookie jar.

When I was an art student in high school, I remember getting to try pottery at the wheel. I loved the feel of the clay in my hands. It was so cooling to the touch and pliable in the fingers, and when it was spinning on the wheel it felt so smooth. I loved it!! The only problem was that I was TERRIBLE at it! For some reason my items never stayed perfectly centered and I never went down deep enough on the inside. I always ended up with a deformed object that had a base of about 2 inches.

Anyways, to this day, I admire anyone who can turn a lump of clay into something beautiful on a pottery wheel. When this cookie jar caught my eye, I just had to share it!

Off to find cookies now...

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