Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take two- Returning to the Vet

I just left Batman at the vet. I feel quite guilty. Poor little guy; everytime he goes there he gets knocked out. Today they're knocking him out again to do a tooth extraction and possibly shave his upper left canine so that it's not digging into his gums so much. They also wante to do more X-rays on his legs but I said no.


The casts are due to come off this week anyways so at this point his legs will be what they are and if they've healed crooked, I am sure he will be fine. For the last 4 weeks he's been hopping around just fine on Popsicle sticks so there's no reason why his own two front legs wouldn't be just as good. He's an indoor cat too. Eating his kibble and playing with his buddy are his top priorities.

So I leave you know with one last photo of Batman's doctored up smile (which they will hopefully remove today when they do the tooth extraction).

This is how Batman feels about going to the vet.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Smile for me Batman!!

So we went to the vet today for Batman's tooth-pulling appointment.

The results of the appointment? More X-rays on his legs and he still has his tooth. We now have ANOTHER appointment to get the tooth pulled. The tooth is still giving structure to his jaw as it heals. His legs are healing pretty well- the splint in one cast had twisted a bit so that one had to be replaced. Now he has a ridiculous looking bandage with Popsicle sticks taped to the outside.

Here's a creepy photo of him smiling his toothy grin (really its the bonding on his teeth). It shouldn't look the same after his next appointment.

Apart from his hatred of going to the vet, he is doing really well!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Returning to the Vet

Tomorrow morning, Batman and I will be heading to the vet again. It's a good thing he can't read!

Batman is due for a tooth extraction; the lower left canine and possibly the teeth on either side of that canine.

When Batman fell, his canine tooth was shoved down into his jawbone so that the bottom of his tooth nearly came out the bottom of his jaw. The break in the jawbone was also directly behind this tooth. Now that the jaw has healed, the tooth needs to be removed so that it won't abscess and cause him painful problems later.

He has been recovering very well. He can now go coneless when I am home. (He occasionally gets his teeth caught in the bandaging on his legs) I think the vet will be changing his bandages tomorrow too. Hopefully he won't have to wear them for too much longer!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quite Itchy!!

Sorry folks, even instagram can't make this photo look good. It's a picture of my elbow covered in these weird mosquito-like bites that I've gotten over the last few days. I just woke up with them one morning!

At first I thought it was a spider because the bites on my tummy had two holes in them (really it was just 2 bites very close together). I had a total of about 6 that day. The next day I woke up with more, and then that evening, while I was reading in bed I started to get more! I now have 18 bites all over my legs, toes, arms and some on my hip and tummy.

Yesterday, I washed EVERYTHING in hot water (I probably shrunk a lot of things) and that seems to have done the trick. No fresh bites today, but I'm keeping an eye on things.

I still have no idea what it was though. The last time I was at a hotel was over a month ago and I've also moved house in between (to a brand new apt). If it was bedbugs, surely I would have been getting bitten earlier?

Fleas? My cats are indoors only and we were at the vet over a week ago. A rogue flea should have bitten me sooner I think? And wouldn't the cats be itchy too? I guess it could be a rogue flea caught off of one of the visiting dogs at work?

Maybe dust mite bites? Some people believe in this, others don't. Dust mites eat dead cells and the outer layer of our skin is made from dead cells. I guess it's possible :S

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