Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quite Itchy!!

Sorry folks, even instagram can't make this photo look good. It's a picture of my elbow covered in these weird mosquito-like bites that I've gotten over the last few days. I just woke up with them one morning!

At first I thought it was a spider because the bites on my tummy had two holes in them (really it was just 2 bites very close together). I had a total of about 6 that day. The next day I woke up with more, and then that evening, while I was reading in bed I started to get more! I now have 18 bites all over my legs, toes, arms and some on my hip and tummy.

Yesterday, I washed EVERYTHING in hot water (I probably shrunk a lot of things) and that seems to have done the trick. No fresh bites today, but I'm keeping an eye on things.

I still have no idea what it was though. The last time I was at a hotel was over a month ago and I've also moved house in between (to a brand new apt). If it was bedbugs, surely I would have been getting bitten earlier?

Fleas? My cats are indoors only and we were at the vet over a week ago. A rogue flea should have bitten me sooner I think? And wouldn't the cats be itchy too? I guess it could be a rogue flea caught off of one of the visiting dogs at work?

Maybe dust mite bites? Some people believe in this, others don't. Dust mites eat dead cells and the outer layer of our skin is made from dead cells. I guess it's possible :S

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