Monday, May 31, 2010

Potting Things Up

Well, despite the cold spring weather we are having here, I was still anxious to plant something! I'm holding off on doing any flower beds outside but because my green thumbs were itching I did my pots instead. I can take them inside overnight when it gets too chilly (They do look pretty just hanging out on my freezer!). This year, I am experimenting with a few different plants mixed in with a couple of my personal favourites.

In my hanging planter, I planted Martha Washington Geraniums (Baroness and Purple Majesty) and diamond frost (euphorbia). I'm not a big fan of the common zonal geraniums; they get so over-used here because they are heat and drought tolerant and bloom continuously. While these are great qualities, I get tired of seeing them EVERYWHERE. I love the pretty colours of the Martha Washingtons and even though they are supposedly less drought tolerant, I have never had a problem with them and I love using them every year. This is my first year trying the euphorbia. Usually, I put lobelia in but a customer recommended them to me. People ask the staff lots of questions at the garden centre and I always prefer to give advice based on personal experience rather than from a book.

In the green pot, I planted Bluebird Nemesia (nemesia fruticans) and yellow superbells (Calibrachoa hybrid). I'm really excited about this experiment. The purple and yellow colours look great together already! The nemesia is an upright and the calibrachoa is trailing. I can't wait to see what it will look like when the plants grow and fill in a bit more.

In the blue pot (back right hand corner), I put in a trailing white Snow Princess (lobularia) and some Pirouette Rose Petunias. At the moment, the pot looks a bit funny because the lobularia is much bigger than the petunias in size. It will even out once the petunias start to grow. These petunias are very pretty; they are a double petunia with mixed pink & white colours.

I will have to remember to take more photos once they've grown a bit and they are outside.

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