Friday, November 12, 2010

Everybody Gets a Day Like This Sometimes

My day today has been kind of ridiculous, only because my morning was so horrible- it really should be a comedy sketch so hopefully my terrible morning will give you guys a bit of a laugh.

I got up extra early this morning (6am) to do my paper route. It had frozen overnight so my vehicle was covered in ice...and it didn't start. Dead battery. So I thought about grabbing my roommates car to boost mine but of course her car was covered in ice too. I knew that if I scraped both my vehicle and hers it would take a bit of time. Plus, after doing my route I knew that mine wasn't going to start again so I opted for using my bike (my vintage Eatons bike).

So I loaded up all the papers into 3 reusable tote bags and strapped them on the back and set off. About 1/3 of the way there, the bungee cord broke and the top bag fell off. Fortunately, I managed to get the bag that fell off back on by wrapping the handles around the seat.

It was a precarious ride down the street and about halfway there the bags shifted forwards so that I could only pedal with my heels. The pedals also rubbed every time they went around. It was making a horrible scraping/ crunching noise but I couldn't stop because otherwise I was going to be late for work later! A lady at the bus stop looked at me with a bewildered look so to compensate I cheerily shouted a good morning to her- lol.

When I got to the start of my paper route 2 of the bags completely broke spewing papers all over, but at least I was there! I had to do my paper route making runs back and forth to my bike to retrieve the papers from the broken bags. Did I mention that the start of my paper route is at the bottom of a hill? (ha ha!)

I did finish the paper route and on my way back home, just to ice the cake, I got honked at by someone because I wasn't pedaling fast enough and was in their way.

The nice ending to this story is that after rushing for 40 minutes when I got home to eat, shower and get ready for work, my roommate gave me a ride to work :)

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