Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Concept for a Painting- by Kirby :)

Here is the original concept, as I understood it.

On a very large canvas, create a background of opalescent colours in horizontal stripes. The stripes should have a modern, streaky, non-blended feel to them, but be aligned so that they have a sunrise/ sunset feel to them. The paint should have a shimmer to it that is similar to the inside of a seashell.

On top of the background, there should be a silouette image of cherry blossoms, or of a tree in bloom.

I think the background will be the trickiest part. First off, I wasn't quite sure what Kirby meant by opalescents. When I think of opalescents, I think of the 90s and its love of pink, PEACH, cream, white and beige. Our RV was done in those colours and I didn't realize that they had returned. :S

But after doing some hunting, I found some items/ photos that have interesting colour palettes which might work. Have a look at these.

I think that this one has a great sunset in it and we can follow this order of colours to create the background. I love this colour palette, but the easiest thing to do would be to have Kirby grab some paint chips in the colours she wants.

I also like the colour scheme of this arrow pendant (ignore the black). I also like the look of the streaking. Maybe we can apply this streaky look to the background?

Next is paint; I don't think oils will work. I have never seen pearlescent paint available as oil. I've only ever seen it in fabric paint so it might be available as acrylic. If we go with fabric paint, it will take a LOT of paint to cover it. It would probably be easiest to do a base layer of acrylic first and then streak over top of the base with the shimmery paint.

Cherry blossoms: full tree or partial tree?

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