Friday, October 28, 2011

Bye Bye Tomatoes

Okay, I finally did it. I ripped out my tomato plants. Yes, they were already dying (dead!) but it's a step in my garden that means summer is officially over and I like to live in denial every autumn.

This year I planted a variety that I hadn't grown before called Lemon Boy. They are a fairly common yellow tomato. I think I got them at Canadian Tire of all places.

I had them planted in the large herb box on my deck where they got regular attention and sunshine. They had a bit of a slow start with our cool summer up til about mid July but eventually they took off and became very happy tomato plants. Here's a photo from when they were just starting to produce.

The fruit was a beautiful colour and had a great taste to it! My only gripe with them is that they took forever to make fruit and ripen. I planted them as 8" tall seedings back in April/May but they didn't really start to produce until late August and September. They should have been producing by late July so I think that the cool summer put them back by about a month.

Below is the info on the tomato variety.

Lemon Boy tomato
Indeterminate- 72 days
yellow flesh- 6-8 oz size
heavy producer

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