Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jet Lag is Weird

I'm back from my vacation and fighting jet lag. Jet lag is such a strange thing isn't it?

I fly to Europe fairly often and I find that no matter whether I'm coming or going, the same weird things happen to me every time for the first few days. My symptoms include the following:

1) I get the EXTREME munchies at 3 am and usually end up consuming large amounts of cheese to drive off the hunger.

2) I wake up at 5:30am and read a book. I have tried various books to stop this but alas no genre seems to curb it!

3) I scare my friends by suddenly becoming a perky morning-person. This is possibly the worst of all my symptoms; my poor friends live on tenterhooks for the first few days until I finally become my groggy self.

4) I relive my old university skills of staying up late and use bullying tactics to get the others around me to do the same. Sadly, they all become pumpkins at midnight.

5) I'm wide awake at sleepy-time and sleepy at wide-awake time. O_o

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