Monday, January 30, 2012

My Favourite City

This month, Cardiff entered into the top 10 UK destinations. Aww this makes me proud! My favourite city has been recognized as a great place to visit and I can't disagree. Here are my reasons for why it's great to be a tourist in Cardiff.

1) It's easy to get to from London. Just hop on a train and about 2.5 hours later it'll drop you off right in the center of Cardiff.

2) It's a very pretty city. It has a castle and it has a grand-looking museum and a gorgeous central park. It also has a fantastic looking bay area with impressive and beautiful buildings like the parliament building and the Wales Millennium Centre.

3) It's not too big. You can't really get too lost in Cardiff and if you do find yourself REALLY stuck. The center of town is only about an hour's walk from any corner of the city and all the buses pretty well go to the central station.

4) It's more friendly and less gray than London. Don't get me wrong, I love London too (for other reasons) but don't ask for too much friendliness from Londoners. They are busy people with busy lives and don't have the time for lost tourists. The Welsh, on the other hand, seem to love it when people come to visit their country and if you ask them to tell you about the history of Wales, be prepared for a lengthy and dramatic tale (maybe go to the pub).

5) Like sports? Check out the Millennium Stadium. It is impressive! And the moving ceiling is pretty cool too.

6) Like Dr. Who or Torchwood? Go down to Cardiff Bay and check out the 'familiar' scenery. There's also a Dr. Who exhibit in the Red Dragon Centre down there too.

7) Like the arts? There's loads going on. Check out these places.
The Gate Arts Centre
Chapter Arts Centre
The Sherman Theatre
The New Theatre
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Wales Millenium Centre

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