Saturday, November 5, 2011

Write or Die

I saw this link on twitter and it linked me to (write or die). You write in a time crunch and if you don't write, it punishes you. This was my first go with it. The results were entertaining.


I have to write! Quick! But I have to get the oatmeal out of the microwave too and eat...or I'll be late for my shower...and then late getting ready...late getting out of the door which will make me late for rehearsal. I hate being late for rehearsal!!

Okay. Going to get the oatmeal. Please don't hurt me!

123 ......go!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAh. It's punishing me! With Hanson's MMmmbop. I thought it was my roommate's phone but no. It's my computer. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head now. And just the chorus too. Ugh. Good thing I have an orchestra rehearsal to go to . Beethoven 6 will take the Mmmbop right out of there and replace it with Bugs Bunny.

Ok- now must eat and type between spoonfuls.


And funny maneuvering. I'm trying to eat out of a bowl with a spoon and type on a laptop whilst sitting on a sofa. Should have done this at the kitchen table!????

Okay bite #2... red warning screen.... keep chewing... one handed typing... more gulping... and one handed typing... the cats are watching. I can only imagine how painful this is to watch. It probably borders on the pain I used to feel in horn lessons when my old teacher would end off an email. His hunt-and-peck-with-2-fingers style was cringe worthy.

I need to eat faster! It's past 8 am already. I find it so hard to eat when it's still dark out. Is it just me? Like my eyes are attached to my stomach? Or maybe I'm still full from last night's Book Club Pot Luck. There was a lot of yummy food there (it was Spanish themed).

Chewing. Typing. My mind is running out of words.

Hey! I managed to grab the bowl that has no chips in the rim. 1 in 6 chance of that happening. Woo! Guess it will be a good day today.

2 and a half minutes left. This borders on ridiculous. Almost. Done. Oatmeal.

And we have oatmeal eating success!

wordcount 370 (including this)

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