Friday, July 2, 2010

Containers of Flowers :)

Remember those pots I did up on May 31? Well they're looking a bit different now! These poor little plants have survived so much. In the last two months we've had frosts and torrential winds and rain- okay so I babied them a little and took them inside a couple times -- but I'm so pleased that they didn't die!

Starting on the left with my geum; it has grown so much! I can't wait for it to start blooming; I've never grown it before and I can't wait to see the shock of red colour against that black pot!

In the middle is a pot I did up just last week. I had an empty pot and an empty space that needed filling so I bought some dusty miller and pansies. I didn't want to spend a whack load of money so I just bought 2 six-packs of plants (less than $5).

I am so pleased with my yellow superbells and purple nemesia (the green pot). Through all the crappy weather, the superbells never stopped and always looked good. They are definitely going to go on my 'green thumbs-up' list. You'd never guess that there's only two plants in that pot! I love the yellow and purple together!

In the blue pot, are my pirouette petunias and some pink alyssum. The petunias were so small when I planted them. They could barely hold up their blooms because the blossoms were about as big as the plants themselves! I had a leftover dusty miller last week so I plunked it into that pot. I think the silver against the pink looks ok for now. We'll see if they cooperate or not later...

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