Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Down South

I am now in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Cardiff is in the far south of the country located at the mouth of the Severn estuary (where the Severn river meets the Atlantic ocean). 

I lived in Cardiff for four years while I was doing my music degree. It was a great city to live in. It was easy to get around, has a fantastic central park, a wonderful arts & culture community and dozens of great places to eat at too! 

For now, I will just say that lots of things have changed since I was here last. The biggest change has been the addition of a new St David's shopping centre. My friend picked me up from the train station and I felt a little bit like a fish out of water because I didn't recognize anything! The new centre is massive though, and I am planning to explore it a little bit further in the next few days  (ie SHOPPING TRIP!). I can't wait to visit the new and improved versions of all my favourite shops!

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