Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Airplane Travel Tips

An eventless flight- yay! And yay to Thomas cook travel for providing gluten free meals. I am very impressed! Unfortunately (and fortunately), my gluten allergy is only an intolerance so I can't testify whether or not there were trace amounts in the hot meal. I was so impressed though with the gluten-free crackers and the abundance of fresh fruit. I think this was the first flight I've had where I didn't feel like there was a cement brick in my stomach because of lack of fibre!

I just want to share a few of my tips on flying because I've done my fair share. I tried to count up all my flights, but lost count when I got over twenty-five :S

1) If you're going specifically to the UK...try to avoid Heathrow. It's so busy and I have found the staff to be very grumpy. I can only imagine the things they see everyday (I can't blame them for being grumpy!) but I find it's a place best avoided. Manchester has become my new favourite. Friendlier people, shorter queues, and the city, and its location, is well linked for rail travel all over Britain.

2) Wear your heavy items on the plane: long pants, jacket, sweater, sneakers, etc. As a woman, I know how much extra we want to pack in the suitcase. Wearing the heavy items creates a bit more wiggle room in the suitcase. I hate paying extra for baggage!

3) Carry an empty water bottle and a fresh piece of fruit in your carry-on. You can fill up the water at the fountain after you go through security (beverages in airports are ridiculously expensive). The fresh fruit will perk you up if you're feeling tired, give you a vitamin boost, some fibre, and some fuel; especially if you don't like the on-board dinner!

4) Ear plugs are priceless...especially if you end up in a seat near to the toilets!

5) When you're off the plane: go to the bathroom and freshen up before you get to security (if possible). You'll feel better when you're standing in line and you won't look so sketchy and antsy when you're going through (it might just be the pee-pee dance but they don't necessarily know that!) If you can't go before, go immediately afterwards. Don't bother getting your bags first. There's no point in leaving them unattended outside of the bathroom. They are safer and less likely to be tampered with on the carousel.

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