Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Sunset

What a gorgeous summer day it was today and it ended nicely with a gorgeous sunset which inspired me to share this Etsy shop with you. The gorgeous set of cards above is from a shop called Mystuff2, run by a lovely lady by the name of Donna. She is an avid photographer and her work is gorgeous!

I have personally gotten things from her shop and I'm very happy with them! An item I'd definitely suggest to purchase is one of her lovely bookmarks. It's better than using an old receipt as a page marker and she'll even put an inspirational quote of your choice (or some other personal message) on the back for you!

If you see something fantastic in her shop that you would like to buy, just mentioned that you read about her shop in HornCat's blog and she will give you 20% off! Her offer is available for this week only so don't delay. Happy shopping!

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature - you've made my day! To thank you I'd like to offer you and your readers 20% off any orders placed this week - just put a note that you read this offer on HornCat's blog.

    Thanks Joni - enjoy your long weekend!


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