Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Finished Product

I promised I would come back to show what the added Welcome tab looks like on my Facebook Page. Well, here it is! Click on the photo to see it for yourself! Feel free to 'Like' my page too!

I think it looks pretty good! And now that I've done one page, I think it will be WAAAAY easier to add more.

What I failed to realize when I made this is that I can't just jump in and make the page. There is some prep work that needs to be done before all of that!

Step 1: Create the photos/ pictures that you want to have on the page.
Step2: Create the html code and save it in a safe place. Also type up any blurbs/ info that you want to go on the page. If you want fancy fonts or colours, you will need to create the html code for those too! I used Blogger to do this because it has a tab when you're composing that lets you copy the html.
Step 3: Add the FBML application to your Facebook page
Step 4: Make the page. I used the tutorial I found here

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