Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today I'm doing the happy closet dance! I have some awesome friends who came over and fixed my closet for me when I WASN'T home! Thanks so much guys!!

I'm also doing the happy dance because today is the last class for some of my difficult classes. I love teaching kids but there are some classes that I'm happy to see the back of. It's not because the kids are terrible on their own, but mixing certain kids together into a class sometimes creates a less-than-ideal classroom environment.

For example, with a class with a 7 yr old and a 13 yr old there are obvious learning gaps between those two ages making it a challenge to teach.

I also often find mixing home schoolers with public schooled kids challenging socially. Quite often, I find home schoolers are kids that may have been bullied before and taken out of school. Or sometimes, they are kids who have never been to public school and unfortunately haven't learned the 'rules if the playground' yet. A teacher really has to be on the ball to make sure that 'bullying' type behavior doesn't happen with groups like this.

(None of these observations are scientific, they are just things I've been learning and noticing in my first full year of teaching)

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