Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ongoing Saga

So today was Batman's check appointment at the vet today. All looked good until Dr Sue caught sight of his left front paw. She asked if the bump was new and I told her that it had been there the whole time (which is true). Turns out it was broken and dislocated as well.

Poor little guy, the original X-ray angles didn't show the break and because he was referred to Dr Sue for his jaw, she had assumed that all the foot stuff was taken care of already.

So instead of a happy thumbs up kind of check up, Batman had to be put under and have his paw reset and put into a split. He now has 2 splints and a cone. He's quite the sight!

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  1. What a terrible thing to happen! I saw a kitten fall from a high branch once, and he didn't make it (sob). I'm so glad your little guy will be okay. Prayers for your kitty...



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