Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Joni is Frustrated

So the vet from emerg sent photos to my vet today and my vet was supposed to call me concerning our next course of treatment for our little super hero. I called twice but he never called. I know he's busy but even if he could have just had the receptionist call me that would have been awesome. When I first called, the receptionist guessed that he was going to call a specialist in from Vancouver but other than that... Nothing. Very frustrating.

Some folks have been asking about costs. So far, I've already put in about $1000 for 3 X-rays, anaesthetic, medication, and 2 exams. The ballpark figure given to me in emergency on Saturday night was $2000 for jaw/ tooth surgery.

I can tell that Batman has been in more pain but he's taking it all in stride really. He might even be less stressed than me!

Tonight he was a hungry little guy. I have to scoop soft food with my hand up to his face. It's kind of like feeding a baby bird!

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