Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pissed Off

Pissed off. That is what Batman is today.

I have been leaving him overnight in the bathroom to recover. It's easier to clean up any accidents that way, an he's been doing well in there - eating well, using his kitty litter- up until today!

This morning I went into the bathroom to find poop and kitty litter everywhere! He'd managed to get it on the wall, floor, his bed, himself, etc., so I spent 30 min cleaning that and him up (he was not so happy about having his feet bathed!).

After that's all done, I give the little guy his breakfast and hop into the shower. While I'm in the shower, I hear this loud meowing and scuffing (scratching with bandages on). Batman is finished breakfast and wants to get out of the bathroom NOW. More meowing and then quiet. I peek out from behind he shower curtain and he's looking straight at me and pooping on the shower mat!
I swear that there was even an evil grin on his face!

Before the failed skydiving, Batman was a very clean and happy cat. He was very dog-like. I hope that this new behavior doesn't turn into a habit!

Tonight I will be finding him a new place to sleep.

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