Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keeping the Faith

Today was rather hectic but we have progress with Batman.

First thing this morning I made a
sneaky phone call to another vet clinic; the one with the jaw specialist. I hadn't heard from my other vet and my poor kitty had been suffering with his mangled jaw for more than 24hrs.

I was able to bring him in in the morning. They were going to keep him there overnight, take X-rays, and do surgery the next day. I had to run off to work and near the end of the day, Dr Sue surprised me with a call that she had done the procedure and I could come and pick him up.

He was obviously feeling better; rolling around and wanting to clean his paws. I'm glad he's happy but his heightened activity level has made me put his cone on again ( we hoped to avoid putting any kind of pressure on his jaw ).

Fingers crossed, he will be less mobile through the night. It is at this point that I'm having to trust God that nothing in his face shifts over. Dr Sue was only able to bond one side of the jaw so it's still super fragile.

I have been overwhelmed by the kindness that has been shown to me and Batman. I've had donations from all over the globe and lots of people have helped me in getting the word out there in the interwebs. It's been amazing!

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