Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a Long Way Down!

On Saturday night, my cat, Batman, snuck out on to the balcony of our new place. It ended up being a decision that he would regret! He fell from our 7th floor down to the 3rd floor!

At first I didn't know which floor he had landed on. All I had heard was a sound like nails on a chalkboard (cringe) and I went to check it out. I could hear him meowing below me but couldn't see him so I frantically started running from floor to floor knocking on doors. Nobody was home!!

I was totally getting panicked. I finally ended up knocking on the 3rd floor door and 2 girls answered the door (hallelujah!). They had thought it was one of their cats but of course it wasn't. Batman had managed to run inside their house and hide. There was so much blood and feces everywhere; I thought he had broken his pelvis.

The girls gave me a little blanket to wrap him in and then we were off to the emergency pet hospital. 2 xrays later revealed that he had broken and dislocated his right wrist and broken his jaw and some teeth. Lucky kitty! A human would not have been so lucky.

I am very thankful that the floor he fell too had 1) people home and 2) were pet lovers (they have cats and a super cute puppy)

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