Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

I'm going to break a little rule and lump my F and G posts together. Today was Good Friday. It was the first day of my favorite holiday!

It's not my favorite because of the chocolate or the treasure hunts instigated by the Easter bunny (although those things do earn
brownie points). It's my favorite holiday because everything about it points to hope and new life.

Easter falls into my favorite time of year which is springtime. I love seeing all the fruit trees in bloom and the bulb flowers poking their heads from the ground. On a side note- If morning people were flowers, they'd be crocuses and daffodils. I also love hearing all the lovely birdsong again in the trees after a long winter and seeing baby animals because they are so cute!

Easter is also pinnacle to those of us Jesus followers. Rather than run away from the accusations that had been made against him, Jesus chose to get caught, go to trial and eventually he was put to death.

So today we celebrate the death of Jesus (don't we sound like a morbid bunch?) because his death served as a final sacrifice, making previous laws about sacrifice defunct and basically saying, " Hey! Anybody can have access to the God of the Jews, not just the people who follow all those crazy old rules and do weird things like sacrificing animals!"

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